Enhance Client and Prospect Relationships

Work leads effectively and close more deals with industry-specific sales management tools. Automate client/prospect communication and task reminders to ensure you never miss a step and continue providing value throughout the relationship.

Lead & Sales Management

With AgencyBloc’s Sales Pipeline, you can effectively manage leads and opportunities as they move through your sales process.

Lead Management

Sort leads to quickly highlight which ones need attention. Filter by servicing agent, status, lead source, lead date, activities due, and more. Work through leads quickly to increase your chances of creating sales opportunities.

AgencyBloc Lead List

Sales Pipelines

With AgencyBloc’s Sales Pipelines, you can effectively manage opportunities as they move through your sales process. See all opportunities in a board-view to easily visualize your agency's sales efforts. Track interactions, stage changes, and more with opportunity detail screens that show a complete history.

AgencyBloc Sales Pipeline

Lead & Sales Analytics

See your lead and pipeline data in high-level, visual charts and graphs. You can use each chart/graph to uncover trends and patterns in your sales process, giving you more ways to evaluate your sales performance and make improvements for the future.

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Lead distribution chart

Intuitive Lead Forms

Leads captured with a website lead form are imported into AgencyBloc and automatically assigned to team members for follow-up.

Easy Lead Form Builder

Lead forms provide a simple way to turn visitors to your website or other online location into leads in your AgencyBloc account. Create your lead form in AgencyBloc in a few quick steps, then embed it on your website to begin capturing leads immediately. When visitors to your website complete the form, their information is funneled into AgencyBloc and assigned to the appropriate agent. That agent will get an instant notification of the lead and the sales process can begin.

AgencyBloc Lead Form Builder

Automated Emails

Set up email campaigns based on form submissions. When a new lead fills out your form, automatically send them a series of emails giving them more information about your agency, quote details, and more. Plus, automatically assign the lead for follow-up, so they'll hear from someone personally, as well.

Automated emails triggered from lead form submission

Never Miss a Follow-Up

Immediately notify agents of new leads so a follow-up is never missed. Set up a workflow so when a form is submitted, a task is automatically assigned to an agent. The new lead will appear in the agent’s dashboard where they can view lead source, status, priority, and any notes attached. Sync related emails from Outlook and assign to the agent and/or contact record.

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Calendar View of Activities - AgencyBloc

Automate Communication with Clients and Prospects

Save yourself some time by automating communication with your prospects and clients without losing your personal touch.

Email Marketing

Keep your prospects and clients informed with weekly or monthly newsletters. Start with AgencyBloc's industry-specific templates and customize them for your agency. Or, build a completely new template to use again and again. Stay on top of policy renewals with automated email reminders to clients. Email campaigns are also a great way to be sure your agents are aware of the most recent industry news, like changes to carrier products or upcoming CE credit classes.

Policy Renewal Email Campaign

Automated Communication

Create automated email campaigns to take care of recurring communication like birthdays, 65+ policy information, and open enrollment reminders. Maintain constant communication with your clients by sending timely, relevant messages and stay top-of-mind with your prospects by setting up a series of automatic emails.

Happy Birthday Email

Contact Leads Immediately

AgencyBloc’s Lead Forms complement automated emails. Once a lead is funneled into AgencyBloc from your website, an automated email can be sent immediately. Let the lead know you received their information and that someone will be in touch shortly, and send an email to an agent letting them know they have a new lead. Staying on top of new web leads has never been easier.

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Website lead form follow-up

Find and Keep What You Need with Saved Searches

Search on individual and group type and status, lead information, policy coverage type, agent and agency information, and save the search criteria to return to again and again.

Advanced Search

No more flipping through papers or scrolling through Excel spreadsheets. Quickly and easily find the information you’re looking for by searching industry-specific fields or custom fields you’ve created. Find prospects you haven’t yet contacted, policies by carrier or coverage type and much more.

AgencyBloc Advanced Search in Policies

Saved Searches

Spend less time searching for information and more time putting it to good use. Save important searches to refer to again and again, like a list of prospects not yet contacted to be sure all follow-ups are made or a list of policies in the application process to double-check all parties are informed of any updates.

AgencyBloc Saved Searches

Agent Lookup

Use advanced search to quickly identify agents who fit certain criteria, like their primary market. Or, search for agents with upcoming E&O or license expiration dates and send reminders. If your carrier is making a product change, use advanced search to find all affected agents and policyholders and email them with the relevant information.

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Look up agent's primary market