Workflow Software For Life and Health Insurance Agents

AgencyBloc's Automated Workflow helps you create efficiencies and consistent processes throughout your agency so you can work smarter, not harder.

Improve efficiency and ensure accuracy with customizable workflow automation.

Workflow automation streamlines your everyday tasks and communication, giving you more time to focus on revenue-generating, goal-oriented projects. 

Automated Workflow in AgencyBloc

When changes are made in AgencyBloc, Automated Workflow triggers a predetermined activity via task assignment or email. Common Workflows insurance agencies use in AgencyBloc are:

  • Happy birthday
  • Happy client anniversary
  • New individual prospect
  • Lead form submitted
  • Policy application submitted
  • Policy application approved
  • Group policy renewal
  • Policy renewal reminder
  • Agent E&O renewal reminder
  • New opportunity created
  • Opportunity stage change

Workflows can trigger based on a change at the contact (lead, prospect, client, opportunity, or agent), group, or policy level and be customized to your agency’s specific needs.

Ned H."Automated Workflow has helped our team stay organized and operate in the most efficient manner; it's helped us build out our client service model and stay organized."
Ned H., Havern Benefits Strategies

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Insurance workflow automation also gives you the chance to set up standard operating procedures (SOPs) within your life and health insurance agency. SOPs help your staff stay on track with their customer service and ensure nothing is missed. Examples of SOP Workflows AgencyBloc clients use include:

  • Lead/prospect nurturing
  • New client onboarding
  • New agent onboarding 
  • New Medicare client onboarding
  • Continuous client touchpoints
  • Opportunity & sales management

With SOPs in place, your agency can work more efficiently and be more effective in its internal operations. These also help your agency create a stronger relationship between you and your clients to increase retention and referrals.