Lead Forms for Insurance Agencies

AgencyBloc's Lead Form builder helps you collect vital information from your website visitors.

Improving your lead conversion rate starts with targeting the right prospects and creating effective lead forms.

Enhance your lead gathering efforts by connecting your lead forms to your industry-specific agency management system. AgencyBloc’s customizable Lead Form builder gives you the power to choose what information you want to collect and how. Since the form is built within AgencyBloc, the data entered will automatically filter into AgencyBloc’s CRM. Then, you can use automation to streamline your lead nurturing approach and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Build a Conversion-Focused Lead From

AgencyBloc’s Lead Form builder helps you collect vital information from your website visitors. Choose the form fields you want, copy the HTML, and embed the form on your website. 

AgencyBloc's Customizable Lead Form Builder

Set yourself up for success by choosing the right type and number of fields for your lead form. Four fields tend to be the sweet spot for conversions. These fields usually are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Telephone Number

Automate Lead Follow-Up to Increase Conversions 

Streamline your lead nurturing efforts by connecting Automated Workflow to your custom Lead Forms. Automated Workflow alerts your agents whenever a new lead is added. Using this approach, your agents can respond to leads faster, which ultimately improves conversion.

Once you set up an Automated Workflow, it will run independently to alert your agents of each new lead, so no one is missed. Experiment to create a lead nurturing process that makes sense for your agency.

Download our free recipes for inspiration on creating conversion-focused lead nurturing emails and workflows: Lead Nurturing Email & Workflow Recipes.