Life and Health Insurance Sales Pipeline

Better track your sales initiatives and efforts in AgencyBloc's Sales Pipeline. Build a Pipeline for every product type, track progress and success, and use that information to improve your sales process.

Create consistent, conversion-focused sales processes for your agents with insurance-specific tools.

Every health and life insurance agency has a sales process. A sales pipeline creates a visual representation of that process to identify what’s successful and how you can pivot for the future. 

AgencyBloc's Sales Pipeline for industry-specific sales management

AgencyBloc’s Sales Pipeline tool uses a Kanban-style board that is entirely customizable to fit your agency’s processes. Create your pipelines and stages, then move each AgencyBloc Opportunity through the process. Build a sales pipeline for every type of business you sell like group health, group life, Medicare, ancillary products, individual ACA, off market products, LTCI, annuities, renewals, and more. 

You can dive deeper by adding:

  • Win probability to better understand your sales cycle
  • Stage aging to analyze the efficacy of your sales process
  • Value for revenue forecasting

Using this information, your team can create effective, repeatable sales processes to increase conversion rates and close more deals. Read More: [Blog] How to Create an Effective, Repeatable Sales Process at Your Insurance Agency or [Guide] The Insurance Agency’s Guide to Lead & Sales Management: Methodologies, processes, and tools that work.

Lead Tracking

Monitor incoming leads with AgencyBloc’s Leads List. Filter the list by lead source, servicing agent, upcoming activities, status, and created date to get an in-depth view of the makeup of your leads. Monitor which ones have an AgencyBloc Opportunity attached to know how many are actively moving through your sales process. 

Sales Pipeline Opportunity Management

An opportunity is a potential sale that’s created when an agent qualifies the lead, prospect, or client as interested. An Opportunity in AgencyBloc identifies the contact as someone who will participate in the sales process and will appear on AgencyBloc’s Sales Pipeline. Once you add the Opportunity, you can move them through your Sales Pipeline and track their progress.

Sales-Focused Workflow Automation

Better manage your sales efforts by using workflow automation. Add AgencyBloc’s Automated Workflow to your Opportunities to track when an Opportunity is created or moves stages for more visibility and better auditing of what’s happening in your book of business.