Custom Reporting Software for Life and Health Insurance

Target the information you want to see in customizable, industry-specific reports with AgencyBloc's Custom Report builder.

Enhance your reporting with powerful, customized insights.

AgencyBloc’s Custom Report builder empowers you to build, customize, and generate the most pertinent reports for your agency. You can elevate any of the preset, industry-specific reports already within AgencyBloc to include the necessary data you need. 

AgencyBloc's Custom Report Builder

Building a custom report takes minutes. Choose the columns and filters, then run a preview test to ensure it includes everything you want. Once it’s perfect, save it and share it with your team.

For Custom Report recipes your agency can use, check out our downloadable: [PDF Download] The Big Book of Custom Report Recipes.

Jeanette T."We’ve saved $30,000 annually on generating reports and are retaining 90% of our business since moving. It’s the best software decision this company has ever made."
Jeannette T., Health Insurance Store

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Building Agency-Specific Custom Reports

Custom Reports are built around a report type that coincides with a section in your AgencyBloc account. The report type tells you how the basis of the report is formed and which part of AgencyBloc you’ll be pulling information from primarily.

For example, a group census report would have the report type of “groups,” while an agent production report would have “agents” as its report type.

The report types available in AgencyBloc are:

  • Groups
  • Individuals
  • Policies
  • Agents
  • Agencies
  • Carriers
  • Addresses

After the report type is selected, you must then define filters and columns to finish building the report. Filters narrow the scope of a report to include only the information you want to target.

Filter examples include contact/individual type (prospect, client, x-client, lead), policy type (Medicare, LTCI, whole life), and status (active, lapsed, deceased, submitted). The data is broken into columns sorted by your filters to help you visualize and consume the information.

In-Depth Business Analysis

Custom Reports help you keep a pulse on your agency’s overall health. Within Custom Reports, you can create KPIs (key performance indicators) to see how your business is doing.

Each agency monitors different information, but many monitor:

  • Month-to-month add/terms
  • Year-over-year churn
  • Year-over-year retention
  • Incoming commission payments
  • Outgoing commission payments
  • Lead source viability 
  • Agency/Employee productivity